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INXS: Access All Areas

Jun 2022

Episode 110: Bee’s INXS Mix Tape

June 25, 2022
Before Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, iPods, and playlists, we music fans of the 1980s were sheer lovers of the “mix tape” format: often a romantic ode and gift to a high-school love, a compilation of radio tracks taped whilst studying or a most timely road-trip option when the old AM/FM frequency started to crackle as the family wagon hit the countryside.
So, today we dive deep into Bee’s favorite INXS songs, all themed for a much-needed escape away with the girls. We get to enjoy an assortment of INXS tracks—strictly 12 tracks with 6 on side 1 and 6 on side 2—that make that long drive from Coffs Harbour to her favorite entertainment destination a pure listening experience.
To balance the proceedings, we allow Haydn to dive deep into Pleasure & Pain with 10 awesome songs from 1995 when alternative music became the mainstream in quality and content.
All that and a whole lot more! So, kick back, forget about the problems in your life and embrace Episode 110 of INXS: Access All Areas.
Love and Peace ✌️
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