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May 2022

Epi 105: INXS’s Full Moon Dirty Hearts, Side 2

May 14, 2022
As Bee and I come to the conclusion of our five-week examination of Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, we deep dive into Side 2 tracks, namely:
7. Full Moon Dirty Hearts 8. Freedom Deep 9. Kill the Pain 10. Cut Your Roses Down 11. The Messenger & 12. Viking Juice
With further analysis by famed producer Mark Opitz, we get further insights into the melodies, songwriting, and recording techniques with precise detail.
Additionally, Bee and I get to add some interesting non-singles album tracks to our ever-growing Spotify playlist. Hint Hint: there may be a record swag of songs added!
Mark is very passionate about the sequencing and tracklisting of Full Moon, Dirty Hearts and opined that if his original list was preserved, the album may have faired differently.
Anyway, buckle up and enjoy our closing chapter of Full Moon, Dirty Hearts and do yourself a favour and listen to this long-forgotten gem.
Love and Peace ✌️
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