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Dec 2021

Epi 85 “And that’s a Xmas Wrap!”

December 23, 2021

Episode 85 "And that's a Xmas Wrap"


As we say every week “that’s a wrap….. a Xmas Wrap” for 2021 and we dedicate our final episode of the year to our patrons and listener community. Bee and I reflect on the episodes that made 2021 a true joy and have a few INXS band members drop by and wish a festive cheer to us all. Looking forward to 2022, we share with you the topics and guests we are pumped to air on INXS: Access all Areas such as Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers, Richard Lowenstein amidst many. Additionally, we are inspired to properly acknowledge the upcoming 30th anniversary of Welcome to Wherever You are, get Not Enough Time charting again and do justice to Michael Hutchence’s 25th year since his passing.

With a goal to up the ante in terms of getting INXS firstly nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame next year, we shall seek all of your help in paving a groundswell of momentum to assist this happening. People power has never been more pronounced in accelerating change and creating success and via our platforms and your passion we can do it. We also acknowledge individually each patron who without their financial and platform contribution, Bee and I wouldn’t be able to produce a weekly program. We also play out to a famous Australian song that we hope resonates with you amidst this special time of the year.

Also, make sure you listen to the very end to hear an extra add-on from Bee.

So as we sign off for the year and allow many to catch up on all of the past episodes, we wish you and your family a safe, enjoyable, and loving time.

Love and Peace Haydn and Bee


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