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Dec 2021

Epi 84: INXS Deep Dive Tracks: “Clarify the Spotify”!

December 16, 2021
After 18 months of deep-dive album reviews, from the self-titled debut to 1992’s Welcome to Wherever You Are, Bee and I took on the exciting task of compiling a Spotify playlist of “great deep cut” tracks that were never singles around the world. These songs in many ardent INXS fans’ opinions have been cited as favourites and as such, we wanted to highlight their “awesomeness”.


More than just a singles band, INXS always treated each song’s addition to an album with the utmost diligence. No filler, all killer was often the mantra as each band member sought to contribute material over the journey.



Bee and I had the massive challenge to compile a list of great album tracks that we “both agreed on” to share with the Access all Areas community and hopefully enrich the listener experience.



So, if you’re sick of the hits, over radio’s constant flogging of the Kick album singles and want to truly appreciate the sheer depth of INXS’ back catalogue of deep cuts, tune in, get up and dance, rejoice and turn up loud some of INXS’ greatest songs not-so-well known or played on mainstream platforms.



Love and Peace




Listen to this week’s songs on Spotify! Click below:


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